What is NTR?


Hyderabad, May 21 (Newstime): This is what the NTR is saying. It was reported by the Secretariat staff who worked for the period 1980-90. When NTR was the Chief Minister, there was a lift specifically to go to his office on the upper floor of the Secretariat. Since NTR was the chief minister, he was the only employee lift operator. That’s why he had a little bit familiar with NTR. NTR was also laughing at him and said, ‘Well done.’

One evening, NTR is talking to the then Sampapati and some other chief ministers in his office. Meanwhile, the lift operator went to the room and called it. What is NTR ‘? ” Times! I am retiring this evening. I have come to tell you last time. ”

It’s heard NTR ” Well, do not tell me the silence? ” A phone call to his secretaries and a shawwaa and a boke. Inside, the employee asked for details of the family. Knowing that he had no home and had the daughters of marriage, NTR immediately called the secretary and ordered the two acres of land in the name of the employee to prepare the paper within half an hour.

Meanwhile, shawlaw, bokey and candy have come. The NTR honored herself and sent her a piece of cash in her pocket, including the paper and asked if she needed to meet. The unexpected goodness of the person who has shown the status of the Chief Minister has been the pleasure of the employee.