Good News for Pawan Kalyan


Kadapa, May 13 (News Time): AP Assembly elections are over. TDP and YSRCP are confident in winning. They say to us who wins. No one was seriously ignored about Janseena, who was in the first election for the first time.

In the end, Pawan Kalyan is also silent. The reason for this is that the effect of the junction is not big. The talk is about two or three seats for Jana. Even if you come to power, people believe that TDP or VCP is strongly convinced. Fans were mentally fond of Chandrababu or Jagan.

Former MP and former minister and senior politician Hariramajogayya made sensational comments on the election results of the AP Assembly. He has made interesting comments about the results of the AP, who will become King Maker, who has the prospect of being a CEO. There is no majority in TDP and YSRCP in AP polls. The two parties do not have the chances that the magic figure is received. Haridamajogayya predicted that the seat will be decided by the CM AP which comes to the assembly.

In the wake of the current political situation, Pawan said, “There are opportunities to rule the state politics. Pawan King or Kingmaker is believed to be The Polling Trend looks to the majority of TDP and VCPs. Janse has said that at least 20 seats will come. Then it is difficult to get a magic figure for TDP and VCPs.

He said 90 seats would not come to any party. Pawan Kalyan’s decision to become a government in the state is crucial. Jasan’s party can not come up to 20 seats in this election, so Pawan’s chief is going to have Anna, otherwise he will have to decide whether the kingmaker will decide Anna. Hariramajogayya, who was in media at the ruling, made these interesting comments. Hariramajogaya’s prediction that Pawan Kalyan King is are Kingmaker is a hot topic in AP politics. He has made similar remarks in the past. Jogiah asserted that the tapi’s loss would be higher than the benefit of the yellow-saffron scheme.

The VCP said that these five years have not been able to attract new sectors than the last election. He believes that the split in the Dalit votes has been lost due to the alliance with BSP. In Jaffna district, the Jaffna peninsula is more than expected, and already the TDP Rajahmundry MP candidate Maganti said. This has led to an increase in expectations over gap.

Now the prophecy of the hariharamajogayya. If you see all this, you have to talk about playing a key role. The consequences are reinforcing the joy of the janes. If any of the predictions are true, what will happen to the date of May 23?