Telangana in progress: Governor Narasimhan


Hyderabad: Telangana State, which emerged as the 29th State in the country has become a success story. It is playing an active and pivotal role in nation building. The past four and half years have provided a brilliant and wonderful start to the road to progress. The first government formed under the leadership of Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has taken the reconstruction process in all the sectors in a big and innovative way.

While giving a strong leadership on one side, it has also provided political stability in the State. It helped the state to make rapid strides in development and to achieve all-round success. Telangana State government has won accolades from all sections of people for its maintenance of peace and harmony. The state having overcome the initial hurdles and hiccups has achieved many a success in several sectors.

The programmes and schemes, the state government has implemented for the welfare of people and overall development has won hearts of the people. This was precisely the reason why in the just concluded State Assembly elections, people have given an astounding victory and mandate to Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao’s leadership and his government’s pro-people policies. The people have once again shown their unflinching faith in the government headed by Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao by giving a resounding victory.

The State government which has returned to office for the second time, will rededicate itself to the all round development of the Telangana State and its people.
In the State, as on date, welfare programmes are being implemented at a whopping Rs. 40,000 Crore per year. Telangana state governance can well be termed the“Golden era” for welfare. No other State in the country and even the Centre has allocated such huge funds for welfare as Telangana State has. Keeping the promises made and the assurances given during the recent elections, the government is reducing the age limit for old age pension to 57 years. Similarly, the pension amount will be doubled.

The major demand of Telangana movement was water for irrigation. To fulfill dreams of farmers, the State government has embarked upon a massive programme to construct major irrigation projects to supply water to 1.25 Crore acres across the State. Despite the hurdles created by some vested interests, anti-people sections, the government has overcome all of them with iron will. The government has found solutions to the inter-state disputes and arrived at amicable solutions to the water disputes.

The government has obtained all the permissions, NOCs from the Centre, Forest department, Environment ministry, several other organisations, agencies concerned. The construction of these massive irrigation projects is taking place at a rapid pace. I am happy to announce that the government is making all efforts to get the fruits of “Pride of Telangana, Kaleshwaram project” from this Monsoon season itself. The government is bent upon completing Palamur-Ranga Reddy, Sitarama, Dindi and other projects on time. The government is moving towards making Telangana state,

a bowl of agriculture produce in these five years.
Mission Kakatiya is a programme aimed at getting multipurpose benefits to the State. Due to implementation of Mission Kakatiya, thousands of tanks in the State are brimming with water. This also helped in increasing the water table and there is a steep increase in the water storage capacity.

Since the formation of Telangana State and till date, for the irrigation the government has spent Rs. 99,643 Crore. In the days to come, more works are proposed to be taken up at an estimated cost of Rs.1,17,000 Crore on irrigation sector. In Godavari and Krishna River basin, the state has the allocation of 1300 TMC and this share of water will be utilized and at a cost of Rs. 2.25 Lakh Crore estimates, works will be completed to supply water to 1.25 Crore acres of land. The government is working on this programme with commitment.
Drinking water is of paramount importance to the people.

To address this issue, the state government has launched a massive Mission Bhagiratha programme. Mission Bhagiratha, one of its kind drinking water programme in the entire country is almost at the completion stage. Already for all the municipalities, habitations, pure drinking water is being supplied. At some places internal works are being done. By end March this year, taps will be fitted at all the habitations and pure and safe drinking water will be supplied to every household in the State and the government is working towards this goal.

There is a steep increase in the agriculture output, thanks to 24-hour-uninterrupted power supply and better irrigation facilities. I feel extremely proud to announce that Telangana State is the only State in the country, which is providing 24-hour-uninterrupted and free power to the agriculture sector. The measures taken up by the Telangana State for development of agriculture are contributing to the revolutionary changes in the farm sector. They have instilled self-confidence and hope among the farmers.

The Rythu Bandhu scheme launched by the State government has not only found its place in the national agenda but also won appreciation from none other than the United Nations itself. Several states are following the Telangana State model. It is a moment of pride for all of us that both Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bheema schemes have become role models to others. To ensure that benefits of Rythu Bandhu reach the actual beneficiaries, the state government had taken up a comprehensive programme i.e., purification, rectification and updation of the revenue records prior to the implementation of Rythu Bandhu.

The rectification and updation of land records was done in a successful manner. Under the programme ownership of 94 percent of lands’ was determined and passbooks were issued to farmers without the trouble of them running from pillar to post at the government offices. Dharani website aimed at keeping the land registration process transparent and online will soon be operational.

The government is implementing a comprehensive programme under which besides settling the farm sector to a stable position, steps are initiated to help and support the dependents on the agriculture allied sectors. The government is implementing programmes and schemes to revive and revitalize the fast diminishing hereditary Occupations by extending the latest technology and modern techniques. This is aimed at supporting those professions. This will help in strengthening the rural economy.

Among the several initiatives taken in this direction include, distribution of sheep to Yadavas and Kurumas, fish seed to the fishermen and Mudiraj community, 50 percent of subsidy on yarn and chemicals for the weavers, economic support to other professional communities like the Nayi Brahmin, Rajakas, Gouds, Viswa Brahmins. For the increase in milk production in the State, besides giving financial incentives, she-buffaloes were distributed to the milk producers. For the benefit of the Most Backward Classes, a separate MBC Corporation was formed.

When the Telangana state was formed, it had a severe power crisis. So much so that Industries then were given power holidays. Industrialists organized dharnas against the power cuts. Agriculture sector used to get water for three to four hours a day. Farmers used to face difficulties due to burning of motors and failure of transformers. Crops used to wither away. Domestic power consumers used to bear with hours of power cuts. When the state was formed, Telangana had a deficit of 2,700 MW of power.

The state government had carved out strategies and could find solution to the persisting power crisis. Now the government is supplying 24-hour-uninterrupted power to all the sectors. New power plants are being set up on a fast track to make the State, a power surplus one. 800 MW KTPS plant’s 7th Phase has started its operations recently. I am happy to announce that 1080 MW Bhadradri plant is being completed and it will be operational from this year onwards. Works on 4,000 MW Yadadri plant are also being completed on fast track. The installed capacity of power at the time of formation of the State was 7,778 MW while it is 16,503 MW now.

Telangana State has become the first progressive state in terms of per capita power consumption. The state government is of the firm opinion and faith that quality education, better medical services and infrastructure will bring in qualitative changes in the living standards of people. The state government is giving utmost importance to the Human Development Index which progressive minded people all over the globe look up to.

The state government has established residential educational institutions in a big way to impart quality education on par with the international standards from KG to PG to the students free of cost. 542 residential schools were started to give quality education to the students belonging to SC/ST/BC/Minorities. I want to share a happy news that from this academic year onwards, one BC residential school per Legislative Assembly Constituency will be started covering all the 119 Assembly segments. In the days to come, the state government will take up several reforms in the education sector to make it comprehensive and strong.

The state government has already launched several programmes and schemes to strengthen the public health system, which saves lives of people. In the entire state, in all the Government hospitals, facilities have been stepped up. The status and standard of the hospitals has also been enhanced. Latest state-of-the art laboratory equipment is provided in the hospitals. With a view to put an end to unwanted and unnecessary surgeries and to increase deliveries at the government hospitals, the government has introduced KCR Kits scheme. This scheme has given good results.

Similarly, the Kanti Velugu programme aimed at creating awareness among the people on health and eye related issues has been running successfully. Very soon, medical camps in all the villages will be conducted to detect any ENT problems. The government has made arrangements for shifting the bodies from the government hospital mortuaries to the native village/place of the deceased free of cost through the Paramapada Ambulances. The innovative steps and measures initiated by the government have increased confidence of people in the government hospitals. Earlier, people were a bit wary about the government hospitals. The in-patient strength has increased from 30 to 50 percent.

Due to the steps taken by the government, there is a considerable decrease in the child and mother mortality rate. The NitiAayog has recently declared that Telangana state is one among the three states, which are maintaining high standards in public health in the country. NitiAayog mentioned about this in its Sustainable Development Goal Index 2018 and this is a proud moment for all of us.

To make houses for the poor, livable, and respectable, the state government is constructing and giving 2 bedroom houses to the poor free of cost for the first time in the country. Works are progressing on 2.72 lakh houses. As the promise made during the elections, the government will extend financial support of Rs. 5 to 6 lakh to the poor who wish to construct 2 bedroom houses on their own house sites.

Roadways mirror the culture of the contemporary society. The state government is working with a comprehensive strategy to improve the transportation situation in the state. The state government could secure 3,150 KMs National Highways in the state. At the time of formation of the State, there were only 2,527 KMs of national highways in the state. As on date, the state has 5,677 Kms of the national highways. The state government has decided to lay 340 Kms length of Regional Ring Road around Hyderabad outside of the ORR on par with international standards. This is in tune with the fast developing Hyderabad city and its needs.

The state government has decided to repair all the roads in the State. Works will be done on a Mission mode. The government has taken a firm decision to have BT roads in all the 12,751 villages in the state.

The state government has formed and is implementing an industrial policy to increase the industrial output and at the same time enhancing the employment opportunities. The TS-iPASS Act was brought to remove inordinate delays in giving permissions to the new industries. This Act is giving the desired results. National and International industrial giants are coming forward to invest in the State. The T-Hub created to incubate the start-ups has also made its mark within the country and across the globe.

To take administration to the doorsteps of the people, the government has created new districts, divisions, mandals and villages. Besides the new 21 districts, Narayanpet and Mulugu districts will also be created soon. The government has fulfilled the long pending demand of STs to notify Thandas and Gudems as special Panchayats. 1,177 Thandas and Gudems were declared as Panchayats. Since 1,281 habitations were in the Scheduled areas they were also reserved for the STs. Based on the population figures, the government has reserved 688 villages for the STs. With this, in the ongoing Panchayat polls, as many as 3,146 ST candidates will be elected as the Grama Sarpanches. The Telangana State government will be remembered in history as the government that created special Panchayats for the STs and handed over the reigns of administration to them. This is a very progressive step, indeed.

The new Panchayat Raj Act was passed by the government to realise the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, i.e., Grama Swaraj. This Act will help better governance by the local bodies and make the people’s representatives an epitome of inspiration. The government is introducing reforms to make Panchayats actively take up village sanitation, good governance and increasing the green cover.

The government is moving forward with an uncompromising stand on the protection of forests, social forestry in the State. Mankind for its own selfish interests has been destroying nature. This is resulting in several natural disasters and calamities. There is a scarcity of clean air to breathe. Hence the government is acting with determination for the protection of environment. The government has decided to deal with timber smugglers with an iron hand. The Haritha Haram programme in the state is being implemented with a missionary zeal.

The government is taking steps to turn the forest land around the city into beautiful gardens. The state government has taken steps to clean the polluted Musi River and to rejuvenate it. It has decided to inter-link Musi river course with Kaleshwaram. Musi River Front is being created to make the bunds either side of the Musi River as tourist spots. Beautiful houses are being constructed near-by and are intended for people living alongside the Musi river. Osman Sagar and Himayatsagar reservoirs will also be interlinked with the Kaleshwaram.

Law and Order situation in the state has been maintained very well. The Police Command Control Centre, which is coming up, will render international services to the people. Intelligence network will be strengthened with this. The SHE teams formed to protect women have been rendering yeomen service and they were successful in containing incidence of eve teasing.

The State has achieved a stable development index, which no other state could. After the formation of the Telangana State, in the first four years it maintained an average growth rate of 17.17 percent per year. In this financial year till November, it registered a growth rate of 29.93 and stood first in the country. This growth rate was possible due to stringent fiscal measures of the government and measures initiated to eradicate corruption.

The state government, which practiced the policy of increasing the income and sharing it among the people, is using the increase in revenue returns for the welfare and development of farmers, poor and other needy communities.

While continuing the welfare and development schemes and programmes, the government is planning to introduce more programmes than those promised during the elections. Since the government has worked with commitment, dedication and discipline, the people have once again blessed the leadership in the just concluded elections. In the days and years to come, the government will implement innovative programmes and schemes in tune with the aspirations of the people. For the realization of Bangaru Telangana, devoid of poverty and unrest, where people can live with bountiful harvests, and prosperity, where there is development of all sections of the people, Telangana state government will rededicate itself through Manasa Vaacha Karmana (thought, word and deed).

Once again, my wishes to Telangana people on the occasion of the Republic Day.